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Aug 19, 2015

How important is it to rise above the daily stress /situations?

When we get home, late at night, tired, lonely and hungry, our brain is still buzzing with today's stuff : people, emotions, negative experiences. Going to bed like that will push this baggage deeper into our subconscious, accumulating more and more. 

It's important to LET GO! Everyday. 

Let go the bad memories, the hurt, the stress, the haunting thoughts. The sooner, the better. 

This way, we can sleep peacefully and wake up full of energy, to start another day. 

Face yourself in the evening, in silence.. Connect with your core.. Delete the negative vibrations, memories, thoughts, emotions.. RISE ABOVE

You are the most important person, you have value, you are precious.. Take care of YOU! 

Ignore/erase/delete everything that gives you bad vibes.. Focus on you.. Love yourself..protect your core. 

This way, you can start fresh in the morning, trying to make a difference in the world.. 

Mahatma Gandhi said that YOU must BE the change you want to see. 

Disconnect yourself from the daily roller coaster, unplug yourself each evening, recharge yourself with positive energy /thinking /attitude. 

Be strong! Be you! 

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