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ペナンのココナッツ屋さん Coconut shops in Penang

Mar 3, 2018


Hi Everyone! Have you ever had a coconut before? I love it! In Penang, you see men selling coconuts in their carts off the road, or shops like this. 


You can take away coconuts but there are other items on the menu. Let's have a look at it! 


Coconut jelly, coconut pudding, coconut shake - yes this is my favourite desert! 


The guys will choose coconuts for you. You can see the tins with the plastic bags on them on the counter. They will cut the coconut open, drain the water, spoon the meat out, and you can take away the bags like this! 


This take away method in the plastic bag, not in the plastic cup, is soooo Malaysian!! Local people drink it with the straw from there. I will drink it from the glass of course... One coconut is 4.5 Ringgit, which is 123 yen! So cheap! 

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