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Hello, I'm miyakana! ^^

I have been teaching lessons aimed at 0-12 year olds for about 2 years.

The keywords for my lessons are "enjoyably", "freely", and "reasonably." I want to create fun lessons that are fit for your child and easy on your wallet.

In order to increase English comprehension speed, I will use Japanese during my lessons.

If you hold lessons 100% in English, children and beginners can take a long time to comprehend things, and in some cases, may get confused. I myself didn't like English until my second year of middle school and I had a really hard time with it (^^;)

If you want lessons that are only in English, these classes may not be for you. Thank you for your understanding.

We will learn through English picture books and nursery rhymes, as well as the "Chants" textbook. I also offer lessons to mothers who are currently raising children, so if you would like to enjoy learning English alongside your child in the comfort of your own home, please try the lesson! If you have any particular material you'd like to use, feel free to consult with me about it.

I myself am currently raising an elementary schooler, so if you have any worries about raising your child or complaints about your husband (haha), please feel free to talk to me about it^^

It's okay if you don't speak any English!

Even if only for a short amount of time, try to surround yourself with English every day and build up your knowledge!♪

English Translation: 7/23/2014 - The Cafetalk Team

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短時間でもしっかり復習!NHKラジオ英語教材「基礎英語シリーズ」「Enjoy Simple English」を使ったレッスンです。復習・中...

NHKラジオ英語教材「基礎英語シリーズ」「Enjoy Simple English」を使ったレッスンです。復習・中学英語の基礎作りに♪




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50min 1,800P

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25min 900P

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