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Hello. My name is Tanya. I am a French, English and Russian language teacher. I have degree in English and French. I offer classes for students of all levels. My classes are a mix of interesting texts, grammar drills, and easy tools to help you to master a language.
I have been teaching languages for 15 years. I was a member of IATEFL for about a year. I have a PhD degree and worked at a university for two years where I taught Economics in English. I also taught languages to groups in IT companies. So, I have special courses in Business English and Business French as well as English and French for IT specialists.
Teaching languages is fun for me and I try to create the same atmosphere for my students during a lesson. I always look for the best way to help my students in any language aspect.
My lessons focus on all language skills. The goal is to make lessons interesting and useful at the same time. A wide rage of resources and learning materials, which I use, gives possibility to find the best way and approach to any person and, which is the main, to fall in love with a language.

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