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Published 9 Sep, 2016 | View: 697
 Hi everyone!  I'm a new CafeTalk tutor who teaches French and English!   Until the...

Meagan Tutor Profile

Hi everyone! 

My name is Meagan and I have a bachelor's degree in biochemistry. I love teaching languages in my spare time! 

As a scientist, I love a good challenge, but don't let that discourage you! I also enjoy having a good time! The more we can laugh, regardless of how challenging a lesson seems, the more you will learn! Over the years I've found this to be true with most of my students!

I love learning languages too. I am fluent in Spanish and am currently learning Norwegian.

Languages are in my opinion, more than just a means of communication, but they're also a part of a culture. Languages are a way of viewing, understanding, and thinking about the world around us!

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