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Published 11 Dec, 2016 | View: 1616
Russian is a difficult language to learn, it is true. First thing which you will learn is how to...
Published 4 Sep, 2016 | View: 1642
Self Improvement
How about the idea that in order to be happy you need not to gain some things, but to give up. Wh...
Published 2 Sep, 2016 | View: 1578
What I find inspiring in Cafetalk, that here you have opportunity to learn not only things which yo...
Published 30 Aug, 2016 | View: 1736
Hey guys, recently I posted a new coupon with 50% discount on my meditaion class! Hurry up and let...
Published 25 Aug, 2016 | View: 1666
This is my first post here on cafetalk, I think it is a wonderful idea to be able to connect with o...

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Saule Mukhamejanova Tutor Profile

Hi, my name is Saule and I am from Kazakhstan.
I love teaching and sharing my knowledge with other people, even though I have a business background (MSc in Management after worked in advertising and marketing), I find fascinating new cultures and new languages.

Maybe that's why my teaching method is about always putting myself in a place of students (so I am not so strict, I prefer to motivate and inspire the students) and believe me I know that it is hard to learn a new language (I learnt 6 of different languages for the past 5 years) and I realized that really what helped me to learn all of that is just practicing.

My advantage is my personal qualities, I am not only will be your teacher, I think after some time we even can become friends:)

I teach lessons by focusing on giving you more, using at the same time simple words, that even beginners can understand. All materials which we use I also send by skype or here in messages, so after you can review the lesson again.
I am young, I traveled a lot, I am a positive thinker.

I am an inquisitive person and that's why I have published here a good variety of different courses as; cooking, learning languages, doing yoga, handmade crafts lessons, and others.

All these areas I know very well and have been practicing myself for about 10 years or even more and teaching for the last 5 years.

Thank you for reading all this information about myself, now I would like to have a lesson with you and be sure that you wouldn't lose anything, because I am a member of 100% guaranteed satisfaction program, means that you will have a lesson as it is written on my page, if not, you will receive your money back, so no risk at all for you.

P.S. Please, have a closer look at my course “Everything is possible”: it is a coaching lesson which can change your life if you are open to that.

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