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Kansai College - Technical Associate of Japanese
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Hello everyone, nice to meet you!
My name is Susana and I have a wide experience as a Spanish teacher, both online and presential lessons.

I  studied Japanese Language and Culture at the Kansai College of Business and Language and I did my training Course for ELE Teachers (Spanish as a Foreign Language Teacher) at Ábaco Instituto Hispánico in Salamanca, Spain.

I have worked as a Spanish teacher in Spain, Japan and Germany.
I can speak fluent English, Japanese and some German.
I have been myself a language student (I am and I will always be) and I understand very well the difficulties of learning a foreign language.

I love my job and I put every effort into it. The lessons are totally personalised and adapted to the needs of every single student.

I ´m totally flexible and easy going so I can prepare any lesson and/or contents you might need, just ask!
- Spanish for beginners
- Spanish for travelling
- Conversational Spanish
- Spanish for business
- DELE examination
- etc.

I enjoy travelling, chatting with friends, cooking, meeting new people, teaching Spanish, music, Japan and many other things!

Let´s study Spanish together and talk about many things!
My city, Gijón:

Me in Japan:

My twiter: @Susana_Cafetalk                                                  

Featured Interview

Q. Susana講師、こんにちは! 簡単に自己紹介をお願いします。 A. こんにちは皆さん、 お元気ですか。¡Hola a todos, ¿qué tal?!私の名前はスサナです。スペイン語の教師です。私は旅行、音楽、料理が好きです。日本が大好きです。梅干、抹茶、日本酒が大好きです。もちろん、友達と遊ぶことも大好きです。 私はスペインのヒホンで生まれましたが、今までイギリス、アイルランド、スイス、ドイツ、日本といろいろな国に住んできました。他の文化と接することが大好きで、これは自分自身を大変豊かにしてくれる、と思っています。 ドイツでスペイン語教師とか国際商業見本市でのコンパニオンや通訳の仕事をしたあと、今ヒホンに帰ってきたばかりです。 Q. 今住んでいらっしゃる場所はどんなところかご紹介お願いします。 A. スペイン北部のアストゥリアス県ヒホン市の出身です。 私の町が大好きですよ!。...

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