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Hello everyone!

My name is Hisao Matsuno.
I live in Yokohama, Japan. I worked for a Japanese company for 36 years—from 1978 to 2014—and did business with people from a variety of different countries including South Korea, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Germany, Belgium, the UK, and the US.

I hope that my many years of experience doing business with people from all over the world can help me help you improve your Japanese.

I also worked at a tutoring center when I was a student, so I believe that my teaching experience will be helpful as well.

Before the lessons, I would like to take the time to discuss how you’d like to go about improving your Japanese, but we can start by talking about that in English. After hearing your thoughts, we can discuss which textbook to use and create a study plan.

I hope that your Japanese improves steadily as we have lots of fun conversations together.

I will conclude with my hobbies, which are watching movies, listening to music, baseball, and cars. As for cars, I like both driving, collecting model cars, and building model cars. Right now I am making ferrari models. 

I am looking forward to speaking with you!

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