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Published 19 Mar, 2019 | View: 572
Published 8 Jan, 2019 | View: 502
2018年も学校にいろんな本を買ってもらいました。まだ読めてない本もあるので(というかほとんど読めていない)これから読んでいこうと思います・・・<朝鮮絡み>青野正明『植民地朝鮮の民族宗教 : 国家神...
Published 4 Jan, 2019 | View: 626

caoli Tutor Profile

안녕하세요! Annyeonghaseyo!

I’m caoli and I have been living in South Korea for 9 years. 

I started learning Korean when I was a freshman in high school and after graduating, I furthered my Korean language studies by studying abroad at Kyunghee University’s Institute of International Education. After completing my degree in Political Science and International Relations at Kyunghee University, I got my masters in North Korean Culture from the University of North Korean Studies.

I gained experience as an interpreter, translator, and Japanese/Korean teacher (for both private and group lessons) while I was a student. I also have experience working at a Korean corporation.

【My Lessons Are Great For】
-Japanese people who want to get the fundamentals of Korean down solid with a tutor from Japan
-Japanese people who don’t feel ready to speak with a native Korean tutor yet

I can help you through difficult points and teach you pronunciation tricks in a way that only a Japanese speaker can! I have been teaching Korean for 12 years and living in Korea for 9, so I have plenty of experience teaching beginner to advanced levels! I can also give you advice on studying abroad in Korea^^

Since I studied international relations in college and North Korean studies in grad school, I am well versed in North and South Korean history and culture. I hope to share the culture of the Korean peninsula with you as you study the Korean language^^ People who are interested in its history, culture, or Japanese-Korean relations more than welcome!

【Lessons I Offer】
For people who already own learning material
If you would like to study with material that you already own, I can teach from that if you share images (photos or scans) with me.
(I recommend books that have dialogues and vocabulary based on a certain theme in each unit) 

For people who don’t have a textbook yet
I recommend Ganada Korean Language Institute’s textbooks. If you don’t have any Ganada textbooks yet, I can send you files so don’t worry!

<Free Style>
I will create lessons based on requests like “Please proofread journal entries/letters that I have written in Korean!” and “I want to consult with you about studying abroad in Korea!”

Translation: 5/2015 - The Cafetalk Team
Communication/explanations will be in Japanese and Korean only. 

Featured Interview

Q.Hi Caoli, can you firstly introduce yourself to Cafetalk community? A. Hello, my name is Caoli. I am originally from Hokkaido, Japan but currently live in Korea. It has been 10 years since I came to Korea in 2016. I am very interested in different languages. Not only did I study Korean, but I also studied English, Chinese, Russian and Thailand. My hobbies are studying foreign languages, reading...

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