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Hello and welcome!

My name is Kit. I'm originally from the United Kingdom (England). I am a CELTA (pass B) and TEFL certified teacher with a degree in English and Creative Writing and 8 years of experience. I have taught all ages from 2 - 40+, but most of my experience comes from working with children. I am reliable, patient and professional yet easy to talk with. My goal is to help all of my students feel comfortable learning with me. I have lessons for both adults and children!
Unfortunately I do not speak Japanese, but I am experienced teaching people with limited English ability. In any case, they say total immersion is the best way to learn a language!
Why choose me as your teacher?

- Experienced - 7+ years.
- Highly, intensively trained with 3 certifications (CELTA, TEFL, TKT Young Learner).
- BA Degree which specializes in English Language/Literature.
- Native speaker with clear, standard English accent. Well spoken and polite. 
- Professional and committed.
- Knowledge of and experience teaching all language skills and functions to all levels.
- Desire to pass on a love of learning to others.
- Reasonably and fairly priced lessons.

My Teaching Style

If you choose to practice your spoken English with me, you can expect to discuss a range of topics with thought-provoking questions, depending on your level. Lessons will be carried out in a friendly, relaxed manner.  Here are a few examples:
- The environment - What environmental issues are we facing today? How can we help solve these problems?
- Music - Do you play an instrument? How do different types of music make you feel?
- Film - What film genres are your favourites? Is there a film that has left a deep impression upon you?
- Animals - Are you an animal lover? Let's discuss different types of animals and issues of animal welfare.
- Food - Do you enjoy cooking? Let's discuss different types of cuisine from around the world.
-Hobbies and interests- Chat with me about the things that interest you the most.

When working with children, I like to use a variety of fun and engaging activities and methods such as picture prompts, storytelling, listening, spelling games, describing real objects (realia) and giving clues to solve problems. My goal when teaching conversation skills to children is always the same - to elicit as much as possible and get the child talking as much as possible!
Please note that many of my lessons include original material created by me. In order to open the materials, you will need to be able to open PDF documents on your device.
Booking a lesson

I like to enjoy good, honest communication with my students, so as I can prepare lessons adapted to your needs. When you request one of my lessons, please take a few moments to introduce yourself by message and let me know what in particular you would like to focus on in your lesson.

My interests
My interests outside of teaching include reading, drawing, music, film and learning languages. I am currently improving my French and working towards B2 level. I have studied Mandarin Chinese in the past and have some conversational ability. I also have a beautiful Siamese cat that I love dearly!
I'm really looking forward to meeting you!


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