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Hello and welcome to my page!

My name is Jennifer and I would love to help you improve your conversational skills in either English or French. 

***My schedule is limited for the months of November and December, but will open up significantly in January!***

A little bit about me

I am a perfectly bilingual Canadian from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Since I first started school i kept switching back and forth between English and French education. I have spent my whole life perfecting both languages and that of the people around me. So it comes quite naturally for me to want to help and correct during conversation. In addition to that, it is extremely common here for everyone to speak at least 2 languages (mainly French and English). Montreal and it's surroundings is very multi-cultural which makes for a very friendly and interesting place to grow up, or visit!

I am fascinated by Japanese culture and language. I have been studying Japanese for a few years now and still taking local classes to improve and learn more. It is my goal to become fluent someday! 
I also have a great passion for dance, music, anime, sketching, and cosplay. The last few years I have been a growing figure in the local cosplay community. I have been very active, attending and performing at various conventions.

Cosplay Photo taken this summer. To see more, please search jennartsplus on instagram or facebook.

My last 10 years of work have been in the fashion industry. I have worked for a few companies but my favorite by far have been in children's clothing. In children's clothing, i am able to share a little bit of myself! Items designed for kids always need to be fun, happy, and wholesome. Just the type of person I am.

I have 2 wonderful cats and i love them more than anything! My little girl is Rini, and her brother is Tim!

Are my lessons for you?

If you are looking for a friendly tutor to have fun and interesting conversations with... yes!
If you are over 12 years of age and already have basic knowledge/ conversation in the language... yes!
It is my goal to get you practicing out loud so you can familiarize yourself with the correct pronounciations and also sentence building. Learning a language and memorizing certain phrases is a great start. However! Practicing true conversation with someone willing to listen and guide you will greatly help you improve. Textbooks can't always prepare you for what replies may come your way.
If you were interested in talking or learning about something more specific to my background, I also offer classes by topic!

My teaching style

My teaching style is very relaxed. I want my students to feel like they are practicing and learning from a friend. It is very important to me that they feel comfortable enough to speak freely, and also not be afraid to hear my feedback. This way, the lessons can feel a bit more personal and will have a greater impact. It's a lot easier to remember and learn something that you are happy and comfortable with!
In addition to being friendly, i promise to be patient and understanding in order to help you advance at your pace in the direction which you prefer.

It would be my honour to help you towards your English or French speaking goals.
I hope we get to chat soon!

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