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★野菜を使いつくす方法とレジ袋を使わないゴミを上手に捨てる方法 随分前から実践していることですが、環境にもお財布にも優しいですよ。 A:【野菜を使いつくす】 ・皮ごときれいに野菜を...
【感謝】 ・皆さんに選んでいただいて上半期「部門賞」をいただきました。これからも皆さんに役立つレッスンをさせていただきたいと思います。   【夏をのりきる透明マスク】 ...
Published 26 May, 2020 | View: 101
正確に言うと目の手術をしてコンタクトやメガネがいらなくなったということです。手元も中間も遠くもはっきりと見えます。 去年から考えていた白内障の手術、眼科の先生から4月にどうかと言われて...
30年以上前から「禁煙のお店・ホテル・施設」を増やそうと仲間と活動しています。 2020年のオリンピックを機にやっと国も地方自治体も「禁煙」に取り組んできていて、お店や施設が 増えて...

General Notices

k-izu Tutor Profile

Hello, I'm "k - izu.” I am excited to offer you my lessons!

◎Even though my number of lesson completion is still small compared to other Cafetalk tutors,

I have taught more than 200 Skype lessons in total. I have taught various students, both male and females, aged from very young children to college professors preparing for JLPT N1.

◎I will send you feedback after each lesson.

★I promise to provide you a lesson in which you will see your progress, tailored to your level.

★At this point, I accept lesson requests up to “2 days before” the day in which lesson is scheduled.
(Please do not feel hesitated to ask me for the lesson availability outside my regular teaching schedule.)

≪Coupon information ≫:30%off:Available for 4 course:One-time only for my new students.

1★(A) Let's Danshari! Personalized Advice for Room Cleaning and Organizing span> ( Offer ends on Dec. 27, 2022.

★④-2◆JLPT(N1、N2)日本語能力試験対策用レッスン Offer ends on April 22, 2022.)Thanks for many students who had taken and liked this lessons!
3★②☆彡日本語を楽しみましょう❢あなたの日本語レベルアップのお手伝い(初級~中級:ある程度日本語を理解できる方) Offer ends on Jan. 29, 2022.

4★③ー2◆Japanese Lesson for Children (9 to 12 years old) Offer ends on August., 1, 2022.


≪I currently offer those lessons below.≫

①【When things clean up, your mind is clean! ! 】

◆Based on the basic way of thoughts needed for room organization, I will give you personalized advise you how you can clean and organize your room. This lesson requires us to share some images so that I can give a best suit advice for you.

★I will do counselling for people who are mentally blocked and struggling to clean up their rooms.

◎This lesson has been well received by students. We will use both textbook and unique images that I have created.

【Japanese Lessons for Children:both ③-1 and ③-2】

☆彡③-1【こどものための日本語レッスン~8歳(小学校2年生まで):Japanese Lessons for Children】

◎I will use image on PPT and teach hiragana, greetings, basics about life in school, vocabularies so that children can enjoy learning Japanese.

★ ③ー2◆Japanese Lesson for Children (9-12 Years Old)

◎I will teach lesson tailored to each student’s level I will use image on PPT to aid students comprehension. Then we can advance to the higher level.


④-1◆JLPT( N5~N3)日本語能力試験対策レッスン

◎From beginners to intermediate, I will tailor my lesson to meet your level. We will focus on「context」(ぶんみゃく)「reading Kanji」(かんじよみ), paraphrasing, sentence structure, and more, which all are questioned in N5-N3 tests. Let me help you pass JLPT!


◎I will provide you a high-quality lesson, in which you can practice reading comprehension of columns and news articles, tips to enhance your vocabulary, practice grammar questions and discussions. Let’s consult so that we can design this class as a perfect fit for you.

【About myself】

◆ I like talking to people, and I like trying out a lot of new things.

Have you ever wished to communicate more actively in Japanese? Do you wish to have more opportunities to practice your Japanese conversation skill?
Here are some examples that I was asked to help with  
What had puzzled you the most when you were at shopping, or when you tried to organize meeting someone. One of my students told me the challenging experience at hospital, where that person struggled to tell the symptom to a doctor.
◆ I will share the PDF texts on the screen and explain it to you with a concrete example so that the ideas will become easier for you to understand.div>
I will also have a counseling with you to hear your wishes and goals and to give you further study advice.div>
◆ When I was a university student, I taught Japanese to students of a second immigrant generation at an American school in Tachikawa, Tokyo.
◆ When I was a university student, I taught Japanese to students of a second immigrant generation at an American school in Tachikawa, Tokyo.

              ≪At Haneda Airport≫
◆ After I got married, I started to teach Japanese through many international events held in the area where I lived.
◆ I would like to offer you lessons that will improve your Japanese conversation skill, which will even make you start enjoying talking with Japanese natives!
★Lessons about room organizing: danshari to clearn up both your mind and room.
At the city culture center, I teach some seminars about room organization and cleaning every year. I offer both group and individual teachings. I have taught more than 400 people in so far.

          ≪Me teaching session at the culture center ≫

・Psychological Counselor
・Licensed Teacher Junior High
・Licensed High School Teacher
・Eiken Grade 2
・Certified Housekeeping Advisor Grade 1 


【 Cafetalk Translation / March 2020 】

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  • Less than 2hours before lesson start time.→ 100% of price charged.
  • Between 2-12hours before lesson start time.→ 50% of price charged.
  • No-Show→ 100% of price charged.

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