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Ueno 講師的個人介紹

Hello, everyone. I’m Ueno Daijiro.


I’m teaching Japanese from my house in Finland.

(Finland is severely cold in winter, but the houses are as warm as the people here)

  About Me —

I was born in Nara and grew up in Tokorozawa city which is right above Tokyo. I majored in IT at university, but what appealed to me most during college life was philosophy and other liberal-art classes, rather than technical subjects such as physics, and thus my favorite topics would always be culture, history, philosophy, art, politics and such.

After graduation I went for a master’s degree and also Ph.D., and ended up being a translator at a company in Tokyo, working there until April 2018. Right before resigning I looked for an opportunity to live in a country in Europe, visited the UK and happened to meet a Finnish girl. Soon we fell in love and became a couple, and somewhat impulsively I changed the destination of my second life from England to Finland.

  Experience —

I’m based on Cafetalk, teaching Japanese for a year, but before doing this I was offering free (or almost free) lessons through Skype for about 3 years. In addition, I used to be a part-time teacher at a cram school for 6 years, and also a part-time lecturer at my university when I was doing my master’s and doctor’s course.

To begin with I struggled understanding difficulties my students commonly had, but the more I listened to and got to know them, the more I could get closer to their perspective, and thus when I started offering paid lessons a couple of years ago, I was able to adjust my lesson-style accordingly to each student and had much more confidence.

  Lessons —

As briefly mentioned in the previous column, I can adjust my style for each student and will never be stubborn about how our lessons should be. If you’d like to take casual, short-term lessons, I would recommend “Casual Conversation” course which I offer. If you’d rather take serious and mid-to-long-term lessons, then “Learning Japanese” course would be best for us.

I also offer “Free Trial” which is a one-time free discussion, so you can always request this course if you don’t have a concrete idea about your study.


I’m always happy to see you, so please don’t hesitate to book a lesson/contact me.

▢▢▢  Life and Hobbies ▢▢▢

I live in a small city in Finland surrounded by a lot of trees, fresh air, clear sky and kind people. If you’re interested in me as a person, you can check my hobbies listed below.


o    Music: I like classical music and rock music mainly from the UK and the U.S.. In my youth I had my own band and used to do some live performances in Tokyo and its vicinity.

o    Poetry: This is my recent hobby. I particularly like American contemporary poets, such as Charles Bukowski and E. E. Cummings.

o    Movies: Scorsese, Kurosawa and Kubrick are my favorite directors, and I would note “Taxi Driver”, “2001: A Space Odyssey”, and “Lawrence of Arabia” as my top 3 movies.

o    Language: I’m learning English, French and Swedish every day. I can also learn new things about Japanese through the lessons, which I regard as a perk of teaching a language.

o    Travelling: I like travelling and have been to the UK, Germany, and most of all 47 prefectures in Japan. Since I’ve spent 15 years in a city pretty close to Tokyo, I would often visit there for shopping and meeting friends.

— Finnish sauna / with my lover / our dogs —





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