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Ryoko koko Tutor Profile

My lessons start in December 2013. Please send me a message before the lesson if you have any questions or requests.

If you're thinking about taking a lesson, please send me a message telling me about your language study goals, and if you have an learning method requests.


Hello! I'm Ryoko.

This is my 4th year working in Thailand.
Since October 2013, I have been a working mother.

【About my experience with Thai】

(4 years old - 16 years old)
Ever since I was little I loved talking to people from other countries! I loved English too!

(17 years old)
One summer in high school, I went on a short term study abroad program in Canada and was shocked at how little I knew about Japan as a Japanese person. I decided to become a Japanese teacher.

(18 years old)
As I was volunteering as a Japanese teacher, I met a Thai person who was studying Japanese. I was so embarrassed at how little I knew about non English speaking countries. My point of view was so narrow and full of misconceptions. I decided to start learning Southeast Asian languages.

(19 - 22 years old)
I majored in International Languages and Culture at Kanda University of International Studies. I double majored in Thai and English and completed the course for Japanese language instructors.

(22 - 25 years old)
I searched for a way to come into contact with Thailand while working as a company employee

(25 - 28 years old)
I switched jobs and worked as a data collector focusing mainly on Thai politics and economy for a Japanese information magazine called newsclip.

Got married to the Japanese man I met in Thailand
Gave birth in Thailand and now I'm working hard to raise my child in a "sabai sabai" way.
Taking into consideration the fact that I'm raising a child, I recently came back to Japan and I will be here for a little while.

※Sabai sabai is a Thai phrase meaning "happy, comfortable, taking it easy"

As I am raising my child, I am also doing translation work.

【Before your first Thai lesson】
Please tell me why you want to study Thai.
I will do the best I can to create a lesson based on your wishes.


On top of that, please let me know which of the following types you are:

1. I grasp words by sound and remember them by hearing them

2. I learn the language's rules by reading text

3. I learn the meaning of a vocabulary word and memorize it by writing it down

It is often said that Thai pronunciation is difficult.
Why is that? It's because Japanese people try to read Thai in katakana.

This will become an obstacle in your progress with Thai!(;_;)
You must not read it in katakana.

Therefore, please refer back to the types of learners and choose accordingly.

Of course, if at some point you realize "I choose the wrong one! I'm a different type!" you can always switch.

About the request times 》

Please do your best to request all 3 top choices for lesson times          
About the cancel policy

If you cancel within 12 hours of the lesson time, I require 50% of the cancellation fee. Thank you for your understanding. 

※※※ Notice ※※※ 
If there's a certain type of lesson you would like, even if it's not already listed, please send me a message!

English Translation: 7/23/2014 - The Cafetalk Team 

Featured Interview

Q. Ryoko先生こんにちは。簡単に自己紹介をお願いします。 A. サワット デイー カ(^^) タイ語講師、ラオス語講師をやらせて頂いているRyokoと申します。日本の外語大学でタイ語専攻を卒業した後、バンコクで単身タイのニュース配信情報誌に約5年間就職していましたが、現在は日本で企業向けタイ語ビジネス講師および通訳翻訳としての仕事をしています。 タイで出会った男性と結婚し出産もバンコクでしました。出産後仕事を休んでいて「暇だな〜」(笑)と思っていた折に、カフェトークさんの講師に誘われたのがきっかけで皆さんにタイ語を教えさせて頂いております。 Q. タイに興味を持ったきっかけを教えてください。 A. プロフィールにもあるのですが、もともと英語大好き少女でした。カナダに留学した際にホストファミリーがフランス語だったんですね。その時「英語だけでは、これからきっとダメだ」と感じたんです。 ...

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  • Cancellation possible at any time without charge.

After request is confirmed (fixed)

  • Less than 3hours before lesson start time.→ 100% of price charged.
  • Between 3-6hours before lesson start time.→ 50% of price charged.
  • No-Show→ 100% of price charged.

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