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Published 3 Jan, 2014 | View: 2928
あけましておめでとうございます。 昨年はカフェトークでのレッスンを始めたり、新たな趣味を始めたり、と楽しく 充実した年でした。よかった。よかった。   さて、今年はどんな年にしよう...
Published 22 Jul, 2013 | View: 2923
7月1日から日本語講師としてレッスンをスタートしました、Umiです! レッスンを予約してくださっているみなさん、日本語のレッスンを受けてみたいと考えているみなさん、これからもよりよいレッスンが提供...

General Notices

Umi Tutor Profile

Hi! I am Umi.

I live in Hokkaido.
I have a peaceful and easygoing character.
  Teaching Japanese is really my passion.

I have a one year Japanese teaching experience in Skype after finishing a Japanese Teacher training course.

My hobbies are reading Japanese comics, jogging, snorkeling and traveling abroad alone.

I visited most of South East Asian countries, Turkey and England so far.
When I go to tropical island, I always enjoy doing snorkeling and finding various kinds of sea creatures. It is so fun!

I stayed in U.S. for two years to study English language.

I offer free talking, Grammar (Beginner, Intermediate).

You can also request what you want to do for our lesson.

I am looking forward to seeing you in my class.

Let's enjoy learning Japanese in an effective and comfortable way.

See you soon!

Featured Interview

Q. Hello Umi-sensei, could you introduce yourself? A. Hi, this is Umi. It’s been 4 months since I started teaching on Cafetalk. I am learning, struggling and I also am having fun teaching. Although I am a Japanese, I actually wasn’t interested in Japanese or Japan a couple years ago. (I loved Manga and books since I was little though!) After traveling many countries, I started realizing how uniqu...

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