Let the world spice up your life.

Put your skills and certifications to good use! Teach Japanese online

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Utilize that teaching license you worked so hard for by teaching online!

Japanese schools aren't the only place students go to learn anymore.
Now, students all over the world can study Japanese whenever they want, wherever they want,
and you can be the one that teaches them!

Why Teach Online?

  • Couldn't use your teaching license because you didn't have a place to teach? Now you do!
  • You can choose your own hours! Japanese learners often take lessons during Japan's evening and nighttime hours.
  • You can prepare and teach your lessons during your free time. Plus, you can polish up your skills by learning from your students' feedback!

No experience teaching online..?
We can provide you test calls, simulation rehearsals, till you feel confident.

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Online Japanese Lessons

Online Japanese Tutors

Reasons to Join Us

  • Manage Lessons Effectively

    Cafetalk makes it easy to create and schedule your lessons. Never worry about timezone conversions again!

  • Get a Global Audience with our Multilingual Interface

    Our site comes in 日本語, English, 한국어, 中文 and Italiano allowing you to reach users around the world.

  • Get Peace of Mind with Secure Payments

    Lessons are paid for with pre-purchased points which students can buy with Credit Card, Paypal or Bank Transfer so you never miss an opportunity to get paid!

  • Let us Handle Customer Support

    We answer calls, reply to general questions and offer free counseling to students so you concentrate on teaching.

  • Use Promotional Tools

    You can make use of our many promotional features like discount coupons and articles to get the attention you need.

  • Help is always around the corner

    Friendly, experienced staff and veteran tutors are there to help you around the clock. Free tutor counseling also available.

Get Free Perks & Benefits!

Tutors who earns over 10,000 sales points for 3 consecutive months can receive this service for 3 months when you apply.
We have different providers depending on where you live. For the moment, our offer is limited to US and Japan resident. We plan to expand this offer for other countries in the future.

About Fees and Payments

Tutor fees start off at 60% of the lesson price and increases depending lesson sales with the highest possible fee percentage being slightly over 85% (may be subject to change). Payment initiated every month* on the 15th to your Paypal account (or bank account if you live in Japan or Korea).

* minimum transfer limits apply

We're serious about promoting you

From attractive video pieces to campaigns to
collaborative events with corporations - everything we do
is aimed to bring you closer to your audience.

Typical Lesson Flow

  • Get a request

    Student makes a lesson request according to your available times. (All times are in your local time)

  • Fix your lesson

    Confirm (fix) the request - impress your student with a quick response!
    ※ For cancelations see our policy.

  • Communicate with your student

    You can exchange messages and files with your student as needed.

  • Deliver your lesson

    Connect with your student via Skype with a click of a button and deliver your awesome lesson!

  • Completion and follow-up

    Complete the lesson. Leave feedback and learning tips. Encourage more lessons!

  • Make a Payment Request

    Click a button to request payment or make requests automatically.
    Minimum payout of 3,000JPY applies.

  • Payment Initiated

    Payment made via Paypal every month (Bank accounts possible for Japan and Korea)

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