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Saule Mukhamejanova Cook with me

Cook with me

30min 500 Points

Skype Lesson

Vegetarian delicious dishes




Hi, I know very well Russian, Italian and a bit of Indian kitchen, which I can teach you to create beautiful delicious vegetarian recipes.
This class will be a lot of fun and creativity:)

However I suggest 2 ways to make this lesson:

1. We select a dish which you want to learn how to cook and we do it together
2. I show you how to do and after you can try it yourself!

one dish, one lesson:)
Suitable for any age, any gender.

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Saule Mukhamejanova
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Hi, my name is Saule and I am from Kazakhstan. I love teaching and sharing my knowledge with other people, even though I have a business background (MSc in Management after worked in advertising and ...

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