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CraftyJaja Basic Sketching and Drawing Class

Basic Sketching and Drawing Class

50min 2,000 Points

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Worry no more! Learn the tricks and techniques, and the BASIC drawing compositional skills as well! It's worth the try! ;)




Class Level: Beginners/ Intermediate (high school and adult learners)

Overview and Purpose: 

            In this class, we will have a comprehensible learning experience on Basic Sketching and Composition Drawings. We will cover Elements and Principles of Arts and compositions, drawing techniques, architectural drawings (different perspectives), still life drawing, ballpoint drawing, ink drawing, portrait, landscape and much more. We will draw anything in an organized sequence of lessons and we will use various medium and the drawing tools that you will surely enjoy! 

           Let's feed your creative soul! Anyone can draw! You wouldn't know until you try! You only need the desire and your creative soul! Unwind and have your drawing and sketch experience with Jaja! :)

          "Art enables us to find ourselves and lose 
                      ourselves at the same time."
             ~ Thomas Merton, No Man Is an Island 

Objectives: Learner is expected to :

1. Get familiar with the basic composition drawing skills and techniques with various materials and tools. 
2. Appreciate own artworks and other artist's works as well.
3. Be exposed to art challenges and different approach on compositions and drawings and learn the significance of basic lessons. 

Art Materials: 

         We need all mediums for drawings pencils, color pencils, watercolor pencils, ballpen, and ink. Also sketch pad/ paper, brushes, tortillion, vinyl and kneaded eraser and other helpful materials. Please refer to the required materials and specification that will be given before the lesson.


          If you love to improve your drawing skills or you are just someone who loves to sketch but wish to draw and produce a nice artwork, well then, you don't have to worry anymore! Just try this basic and fun sketching and drawing class because we will start on easy, fun, and basic drawing activities. This is the reason why you are taking basic sketching class. It's for you to have a fresh start and to conquer your fear in holding your drawing tools! :)

Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any other preference,  suggestions or questions. :)

 I can't wait to see you in my drawing/ sketching class!

New Students Welcome!

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