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Interview Preparation

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Get ready for your job interview with me. Learn the English you need in order to perform at your best.




Job interviews are scary at the best of times. More so when you have to do them in a foreign language. I know, I have had to do it myself.

It is best to go with a plan already mapped out in your mind so that you do not get caught out with a tricky question.

I have been helping people get ready for job interviews for over 7 years with a great deal of success. In fact, I seem to be like a lucky charm for my students when it comes to getting a new job.

The complete procedure takes 3 hours normally, as I believe in being very meticulous about getting all relevant information refined as much as possible.

When you are confident in your delivery of the facts, it shows very clearly to the interviewer. I can give you that confidence.

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Hello, I am Mr Josh! English teacher, world traveller, YouTuber and part time starving artist. I’m here for the people that would like to learn and improve their English, but without all the bo...

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