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Mr Ian Student Specific 50 min lesson

Student Specific 50 min lesson

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This is the planned lesson building on the previous session.


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This is the 50 minute lesson designed specifically for you.
We have already chosen the topic and contents, see you soon !

This lesson is a tailored to the student's needs.

We use material that is specific to the student's interests, and aimed at the appropriate level.

This lesson can be a one off lesson or part of a series aimed at reaching a certain goal.

I also use this lesson for proofreading, correction and explanation.

See you in class !

New Students Welcome!

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ようこそ - Welcome 虎穴に入らずんば虎子を得ず。 Take your first lesson with me, then you will know what I can do for you.  IELTS  or Job Interview coming up soon? - start preparing now ! Over the past fe...


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This affects all of us, so let's understand it

Science can be daunting, but the principles are the same across all l...

Ace Your Interview !

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This lesson will enable you to achieve the highest band score possibl...

ビジネス - Business English, yes there is a difference, take the lesson a...

4 Pack - Together we made and and reviewed the custom course materia...

To be completed within 2 hours of acceptance.

For the dedicated student who wants to achieve the goal !


0min 500P

No Skype

You write, I correct and make suggestions, up to 500 words.

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8 Pack - Together we made and and reviewed the custom course materia...

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IELTS Speaking - 3 Parts - 3 lessons -

IELTS Speaking Lesson.

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IELTS Speaking Lesson.

The 2008 USA Financial Collapse led to a World Wide Recession. Now yo...

This lesson teaches you how to grasp the full meaning of what you rea...

The Origins of Pleasure

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We cover Paul Bloom's presentation on The Origins of Pleasure

Improve your English while you learn what is possibly the most import...

Public Speaking vs Speaking Privately

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The difference is the audience, how you need to engage them and hold ...

Life is tough, we need to know where to find our daily happiness and ...

Proofreading, correction and rewritten in good clear English.


60min 2,400P

Skype lezioni

Choose form one of my recommended TED talks, or make your own ion.

Customer Specific Lesson

25min 1,500P

Skype lezioni

This is a lesson tailored for your specific needs.

Student Specific 50 min lesson

50min 1,800P

Skype lezioni

This is the planned lesson building on the previous session.

Results Oriented Counseling - 60 min

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Let's solve life's problems together ! We will address career, rela...

If you like diving this is for you ! Improve your English as you ent...

Have you noticed how a small group of new tutors outperform the major...

Improve your English in 1 lesson !

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周りに流されるな!己を信じろ! Don’t be swayed by those around you! Believe in you...

If you like horses, this is for you ! Improve your English as you en...

Counseling Right Here, Right Now

60min 2,800P

Skype lezioni

If your problem is urgent, I will try to drop everything and assist. ...

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