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Homestay with Susana!

It's situated in the north part of Spain. It's a cozy city, here you can discover real Spain in a safe way. You can enjoy the sea and the mountains. The city has a great cultural life with lot of events all around the year so there's always something interesting to do.

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Homestay with Susana!

Gijón, Asturias, Spain

Who can participate in this program

Must fit the following requirements

  • Adult (over 18 years old)
  • Families
  • Couples

* If student(s) are men only, host will spends nights at her mother's house nearby

Required fields

Students who have taken at least 3 lessons with me before applying to the program

How to Apply

My Town, Gijón

[Photo Credit: Gijón by Hernán Piñera]

Gijón is the largest city and municipality in the autonomous community of Asturias in Spain. It's situated in the north part of Spain. It's a cozy city, here you can discover real Spain in a safe way. You can enjoy the sea and the mountains. The city has a great cultural life with lot of events all around the year so there's always something interesting to do.The people in Asturias are quite open so I think it´s a great chance to practice Spanish.

My family and my home

I live by myself. My mother also lives in Gijón so many times I visit her (specially at lunch time). You will be staying at my guest room, it has a big bed and also I can set as extra a japanese futon on the floor in the same room when necessary.

I'm a Spanish teacher and also a freelance translator. I'm a quiet and open person and love meeting people all over the world. I was living in Osaka for more than two years and I love travelling, music, wine, japanese culture, tea and sake, cooking, chating with friends and enjoying life in general.

There's a supermarket just one minute walking from my apartment, also several shops and the bus stops are really close. There is also a big department store just ten minutes walking distance. The city center is a 30 minutes walk from the house. You can also reach a huge park to enjoy and relax in 15 minutes walking (10 if you walk fast ^_^).

My house is not smoking and shoes-off one.


We have a good net of public transport in my city and we will move probably by bus and also on foot. We will take a taxi to go from the station to my home so you don´t have to carry on with your luggage.


Gijon has a marine west coast climate , warm summers ( between 25 and 16) and mild winters (between 13 and 6 ). On average, the warmest month is August and the coolest month is January. November is the wettest month and July is the driest month. So, in resume it doesn´t get too hot or too cold all over the year. Please be aware that my city is on the north part of Spain and it may rain sometimes.

Your Stay

During your homestay please feel free to join all the activities I do if you like (shopping, visiting my mother, going for a walk, to the cinema, etc... While I'm working you can enjoy at your own peace, enjoying my city or having a trip to a nearby place. I may not be teaching online lessons during your stay and I always try to keep as much as free time possible when I have a homestay programmed. I will make sure to have at least eight hours per day to spend together.

Included in your stay

  • All nights’ accommodation in private bedroom
  • Pick up at the bus or train station
  • Use of the kitchen, bathrooms and living areas
  • Daily breakfast (help- yourself mode). Let´s also have breakfast at the cafeteria together some day!!! (also included on the price)
  • Use of washing machine
  • Free Wifi at home
  • Transportation by public bus
  • Rest of the meals (lunch and dinner) I can also give you take-away food if you decide to go for a solo trip and need it.
  • Towels and Shower/Bathroom Essentials (Soap, shampoo & Conditioner, toothpaste, hairdryer)
  • Free tea and coffee, soft drinks and also please feel free to grab some beer or a glass of wine.
  • Full language and cultural immersion: my idea is to stay with you as much time as possible as long as you fancy:)
  • Local shopping / sightseeing
  • Sunday's Street Market (it may be suspended in case of inclement weather conditions)
  • Visit to local museums (entrance also included on the homestay price)

Pricing (in points)

**Per night base price / Cafetalk points

19,500 points per person

9,000 points each extra person

Remarks: Please be aware that all the trips and the pick up at the airport are done by public transportation as long as I don't have a car

Optional Day trip activities (for 1person):

All the below listed are day trips, we will have breakfast (at home or at the cafeteria) and then take the bus to our destination. We will spend the morning visiting places and have lunch in a Sidreria (this is a typical restaurant from Asturias), then we can visit something else if you feel like it or simply enjoy a nice cup of coffee in this cities.

It takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes to get to Ribadesella. On the day trips meals and drinks at the restaurant are not included except breakfast. Transportation fees are included.

Trip to Oviedo: 10,000 points
  • Cathedral - Cámara Santa de Oviedo. Dating from 802. It is located within the Cathedral, attached to the southern transept of the cathedral, and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • the old part of the city
  • Plazas and squares, also parks and statues (including Woody Allen and Mafalda!)
  • Pre-Romanesques shrines

Trip to Avilés: 10,000 points
  • The old part of Avilés
  • Niemeyer Center

[Photo Credit: Universidad Laboral de Gijon by Laura Suarez]
Trip to Ribadesella - 15,000 points

We will take a day trip together to the world heritage, Ribadesella and Tito Bustillo Cave. The trip will be based on availability since the number of the visitors per day is limited. We will need to arrange the tickets for us as soon as we know the date. (Available from March 16th - October 30th only)

  • World Heritage-listed Cueva de Tito Bustillo, embellished with some of Spain’s most magnificent prehistoric cave art.
  • Tito Bustillo Cave Arts Center
  • The beach and he Casonas de Indianos

* * These destinations can also be enjoyed by yourself, if you prefer to travel solo. In this case I can give you take-away food if you need it

Sit down Private Spanish lessons pack
  • 5x60min.: 11,000 points
  • 10x60min.: 20,000 points
  • 15x60min.: 30,000 points
  • 20x60min.: 40,000 points

*All the cost includes studying materials

Cooking lessons / 2 hours: 5000 points

This includes ingredients for cooking, small lesson about ingredients and words related with cooking, drinks during the lesson and everything you may need! Also please feel free to come with me to the shop to buy everything.

From the airport to my home
  • Pick up at the airport and going home by bus: 9,000 points
    * 2000 points for each extra person
  • Pick up at the airport and going home by taxi: 15,000 points

How to Apply



My house: Calle Aragón

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