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Dec 8, 2017 08:00 ~ Jan 1, 2021 07:59
New Students Only

Lessons for which you can use this coupon

U5 Children's Piano Lesson [15min]

15min 700 Pts

Skype Lesson

Let's get familiar with piano!

Learn how to play the piano slowly and with fun! This lesson is for c...

Beginners Piano [30min]

30min 1,500 Pts

Skype Lesson

Start learning how to play the piano with me!

Elementary Piano [30min]

30min 2,000 Pts

Skype Lesson

Students with at least one year of piano experience can request this ...

Intermediate and Advanced Piano [30min]

30min 2,500 Pts

Skype Lesson

Students with at least 3 years of piano experiences and can play Bach...

Intermediate and Advanced Piano [60min]

60min 4,900 Pts

Skype Lesson

For those experienced students who are eager to learn!!

Prepare for your upcoming piano competitions or for your music school...

Listening to a melody and write it down

30min 1,300 Pts

Skype Lesson

Beginners are also welcome to this ear training lesson!

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