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300レッスン達成 | 300 Lessons Completed

Dec 10, 2017

みなさまこんにちは。12月3日に、なんと300レッスンを達成しました! 本当にありがとうございます。200レッスン達成から5ヶ月ほどで、本業が忙しかったこともありあっという間でした。


2018年は人生が激変する・・かもしれません。これまで少し無理をしすぎていたので、体調を整え、余裕のある生活を心がけたいと思っています! そして、滞っていた勉強をこなしていきたいです。


Hello there. I’d like to thank my students as I’ve completed 300 lessons on 3rd December! I was surprised about the fact that I taught 100 lessons in 5 months, because my regular job was really busy.

If I remember right, it got busy around September and I couldn’t accept new students anymore since then. However it seems I could restart accepting students from January:)

My life might be completely changed in 2018… I’ve been working too hard, so I’d like to lead a healthy and quality life anyway! Also, I’ll carry on with my study which hasn’t been progressing.

I’ll continue to try my best and enjoy lessons with each student. Please take care of yourself and enjoy the holiday season!

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