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My funniest April Fools Day prank.

Weekly Topic: The Best April Fool's Prank

Mar 30, 2020

A long time ago there was a global problem with the ozone layer.  This is a thin part of the atmosphere that filters out harmful ultra-violet light rays from sunlight.  Ultra-violet light is very bad for you.  It can cause skin cancer.  Anyway, one night my wife and I were watching a documantary on TV.  It was about animals of the arctic, seals penguins and other mammals. She got up and went into the kitchen to make some chocolate chip cookies. While she was mixing the cookie dough I convinced her that to protect the animals from the harmful ultra-violet rays they were spraying suntan creme on the animals..

.  I told here they also had crews of men that were fitting the animals with sunglasses as well...
Once she realised I was pulling an April Fools Day joke we both lughed for a long time!

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