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One thing tourists don't know about the UK is...

Weekly Topic: One thing which tourists don't know about my country

Mar 12, 2020

That you can find history everywhere, even in small towns like mine.
I come from a small town in the English West Midlands called Stourbridge. There, you can visit places like the Red House Cone, an important glassmaking factory that has been turned into a museum. You can learn about glassblowing, art, pottery and other exciting bits of history - the glass for the Titanic was made at the Red House Cone!

About 15 minutes away are the Kinver Edge rock caves, which are said to have been a possible source of inspiration for Tolkein's hobbit holes. Tolkein grew up in the West Midlands.

Are you interested in History too? Feel free to chat about it with me in one of my conversation classes!

- Kit

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