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(簡単な英語) 日本とアメリカの美味しい夏食べ物 - これはどうだ?

Weekly Topic: Food that reminds you of summer

Jul 30, 2019

What are some foods that remind me of summer?


In Japan, some of my favorite summer foods are maybe…strange.

Read them and tell me if you agree!


I loved to eat:


·       Hiyashi chuka – it’s so cool and refreshing with just the right amount of sour. Normally I don’t think I’d like to eat this in America, but this combination of foods is delicious! Still, eating cold noodles seems weird to me.

·       Japanese ice creams – I loved getting Pino and mochi ice from the Lawson’s near my apartment. I really loved getting karaage-kun cheese and a croquette, too.

·       Vanilla Ice Age-pan – There is something really wonderful about the hot and sweet flavors of age-pan covered in soft vanilla ice cream. You have to eat it fast, or the ice cream melts! I usually got these from a Kenny’s House restaurant.

·       Yakiniku BBQ – I know BBQ at a table is hot, but it feels like summer! I loved going to Kalbi-icho and cooking some delicious beef and pork! The flavors of salty/spicy/garlic-y were so yummy! I enjoy cooking so this was always fun to do with my friends.

·       Japanese Festival Foods – Foods like chicken steak, choco-banana, kakigori, and jaga-batta were so good. They were high in calorie and super delicious!



In America, some of my favorite summer foods are also a little unusual. What do you think?


I love to eat:


·       Ice cream – I love ice cream so this isn’t surprising. I especially like chocolate ice cream but any ice cream is great. Anytime I eat dinner, I start to crave an ice cream…

·       Hot Dogs – I like the big, all-beef hot dogs. They have to be cooked on the grill. If they are microwaved or boiled, they are just terrible. Always grill your hot dogs!

·       A hamburger with potato chips – this is another outside BBQ classic. Salty potato chips are a great pair with a savory cheeseburger. You just have to fight the outside bugs from tasting your food.

·       BBQ Ribs – Ribs are wonderful. They can be eaten with or without BBQ sauce. There are also many ways to cook ribs. Many people have a favorite sauce or way to prepare ribs, so everyone is different.

·       Corn – In Illinois, my home state, corn is very popular. We grow a lot of corn, and we get fresh corn in summer for a few months. Illinois sweet corn is so tender and delicious. It’s the best time of the year to eat corn! Grill it or boil it. Any way is fine with me.

What summer foods do you like? Do we share any of the same favorite summer foods? Please tell me or share with me some of your favorite summer foods!

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