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Can I teach you some English?

Jul 28, 2019

Hello Cafetalk Student Community!

There is an interesting characteristic that I'm experiencing as an English tutor on Cafetalk. Some students have noticed that I speak rather slowly. I'm not slowing down my speech on purpose. It's how I speak!

I speak clearly and articulately, so I think it's easier for students to understand my English. My mother is Japanese from Tokyo and my father is American Caucasian from Holyoke, Massachusetts, so I'm "hapa." (<-- The term comes from the Hawaiian term, "Hapa Haoli" or half-white.)

Besides, being half-Japanese I think I understand the Asian accent better than some other native English speakers. I think it's exciting to watch my students grow and become better English-speakers with every lesson. My teaching philosophy is to involve the students in a variety of English skills such as reading, listening, speaking, vocabulary, comprehension, pronunciation, and writing.

I've had the good fortune to come across teaching English on Cafetalk and I love it very much! I hope you will try my English lesson. I know everyone has different goals (whether is an English Speech Contest, an English job interview, writing a journal in English, or any other challenge), I'm here to help you accomplish them.

My students have had very good results in their endeavors! Congratulations to all of you who have passed and achieved their goals in the Eiken and TOIEC exams!

Don't worry if you've "built castles in the air" and want to become a fluent English speaker. Yes, I know your dreams and I can help you get one step closer to your goal. With each lesson, I will try to cover as many skills as I can.

If you take my Discount Value Packs, I will be happy to alternate the lessons between listening, American idioms, phrasal verbs, grammar, pronunciation, reading, writing, vocabulary, picture description exercise, and/or news article comprehension using sense-making techniques. I can't do it all in one lesson but if you keep coming back, I assure you that I can make an impact on your English language skills!

Whether it's a free-talk conversation or one of my text-based lessons, please tell me what you are trying to accomplish and I can help you get closer to your personal goals. If you are making an effort to learn English by listening to English podcasts, watching American movies and TV shows, reading news articles, writing your diary, enhancing your vocabulary every day, you are doing everything right to get closer to your goal! Keep up the good work.

I believe you will find it easy to get along with me and talk to me. If you would like to feel comfortable and relaxed in receiving English lessons, please visit my profile page. I believe you will find my Skype lesson to be effective, fun, and informative!

It's great to "Build castles in the air" (American idiom) but you must also build a foundation. You should have a strong base to support your English from the bottom up, so you're confident with your grammar! Even though you don't like grammar or text-based lessons, you have to build a foundation to use the English language properly. Immerse yourself in English in any way you can, and don't be afraid of making mistakes. That is how you learn!

Please know that I wish every single student all the best! It is my simple and sincere desire to help you improve your English skills! Have a wonderful day! Thank you for reading my column!

Warmest regards,

Lady Ayame

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