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How to take a high score on TOEIC?

Jan 6, 2015

Today, i want to write you about a very popular topic. Many students are asking me how to take high scores on TOEIC? Is it possible for anyone who has a lower score? These helpful tips are based on my research with students who have scored above 800 on the TOEIC.

1.Increase your knowledge of the key vocabulary words that will occur in the course of a typical TOEIC. Many students are surprised to discover that they have gaps in their knowledge of the 3461 high frequency TOEIC vocabulary words - the specific words that occur most often during a TOEIC.

2.Read as much as you can, and not just TOEIC exam practice materials. Read extensively and read for your own enjoyment. Reading is by far the best way to prepare for the overall challenge of the TOEIC.Reading helps you to grasp the structure and style of English as well as gain an uderstanding of how similar words can be used in many different ways.

3. Become familiar with the TOEIC format and the directions for each section. If you have a clear idea of what the test directions are going to be, you won't encounter any unpleasant surprises on the big day. Completing two or more practice tests is a great way to help you develop confidence.You should study periodically seriously.

4. Answer all of the questions - you've got nothing to lose! Unlike other tests,there is no penalty for guessing. If you have absolutely no idea about the correct answer then you should guess using the same 'lucky letter' each time :)

5. While you are studying, always track your time! You have to finish the exam questions in the giving time. If you time yourself, you can speed up to answer all the questions.

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