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New openings for both English and Spanish beginner Students!

Oct 12, 2018

Competent or fluent?

Answering a few questions about the B1 level: For beginners who have no previous knowledge of the language. By the end of the term (10 weeks), students will be able to communicate in and understand the language for a number of practical everyday situations.

 Beginners 1st term                                           

  • To be able to introduce yourself
  • To be able to  talk about your family
  • To be able to book a hotel room

Beginners 2nd term                                           

  • To be able to find a pen friend
  • To be able to describe your  work and interests
  • To be able to  ask for and be able to give directions and locations

Beginners 3rd Term                                          

  • To be able to learn about food
  • To be able to organise a party
  • To be able to organise a company meal


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