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Are you stressed?

Nov 4, 2014

The train is late, I'm tired and my coworkers are negative. My boss is angry again and my children spend too much money. 

Day after day nothing seems to be right and I have a lot of work to do. I don't have time to relax and even if I find a moment of rest, someone calls me or I remember something negative from my past.


Day after day, accumulating.

Stress is a reality which affects our mental, emotional and physical health. The results can be seen in the incapacity to eat right, sleep right or have a correct relationship with people around us.

We must find a way to release it, to rise above and stop being influenced by what goes on around us. Protect ourselves so we can function and do our best. 

Life is not about surviving, but it is about enjoying ourselves and our activity, enjoying each moment and each person. But in order to do it, we must be free. 

Let's talk about becoming free, uncluttering the mind and protecting our core. Decide what is important and cut off everything else. Aikido teaches us to be like a calm pond, reflecting the moon. Choppy waters reflect only inner turmoil.

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