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Hello(`・ω・´)/  I am Misaki.
I would love to enjoy studying Japanese with you.
I like to talk with you, so please don't be nervouse(*˘︶˘*)

I have the lisence to teachh Japanese!
I was a Japanese Language teacher in Singapore.
Let's study grammar, conversation and so on!

※I have studied abroad in Canada for months.(Loooooooong long time ago...)

I am not good at speaking English, but I will try do my best for you.

♡I like...
Taking a walk、Movies[ZOMBIE LAND][MAMMA MIA!]、Traveling、Anime[One Punch Man]、Karaoke[Anime songs]、Chocoletes、Fluffy animals[Dog][Quokka]、shopping♡

☆Have a FUN with Japanese(^0^)☆

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Case of No-show, I will give you 30% OFF coupon.
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単語(たんご)を10指定(してい)しますので、 その単語を使(つか)って物語(ものがたり)や文(ぶん)を作(つく)ってください。 正(...



あなたの したいことを レッスンで します。 レッスンの 前(まえ)に 希望(きぼう)を 教(おし)えてください。

レッスンで みなさんに 写真(しゃしん)や 絵(え)を 2枚(まい) 送(おく)ります。それに ついて 説明(せつめい)してください。

Let's start from Hiragana and Katakana!

I read tales of Japan such as "Momotaro" and "Thumbelina Hime" in a p...

Let's read Japanese news.

30min 500P

Skype Lesson

Read the news article in Japanese. There are some difficult things, ...

We use "Minna no Nihongo" to study vocabulary and grammar. I will st...

Test preparation for JLPT(N5)

0min 4,500P

No Skype
Pack of 6 (750 Points per lesson)

I will give you grammar questions. It`s about 30 questions. I will...

Chat in Japanese(30minutes)

30min 600P

Skype Lesson

Free Talk! Let's talk in Japanese when you have free time. Whoever ...

Chat in Japanese

15min 300P

Skype Lesson

Free Talk! Let's talk in Japanese when you have free time. Whoever ...

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