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Hello and Welcome,

My name is Amanda. I'm from Michigan, USA currently living in Tennessee, USA. 


My hobbies are traveling (planned and traveled through Europe for 3 months last summer), learning Swedish, reading, and going out with friends. I love languages, culture, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, sweaters, elephants, dogs, really all animals, and learning. 


I currently am getting a master's degree in Elementary Education while in a year-long residency at an elementary school. 


I graduated from an American university with a bachelors degree in Advertising/Integrated Marketing Communications and an associates degree in Business. I received a certificate of A1 level knowledge of Swedish from the Swedish Institute in 2017, and continue to learn Swedish on my own. I'm currently, working on my master's degree in Elementary Education. 

Teaching Experience

At university, I participated in the MyPlace program (My Program for Language and Cultural Exchange) for two years. Working with international students from around the globe, to help them throughout their college careers. We worked on our English conversational skills, written skills, student homework, group projects, and international office events. I now work with first-grade students teaching full time. 

Teaching Style

I know how hard it can be to learn a new language, I'm doing it myself currently. I want to be your go-to source for questions, concerns, or just for a quick chat. My lessons are fun, interactive, and engaging. Let's discuss your goals and what you need and want to do to achieve those goals. from my teachings and work towards achieving those goals.

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