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Q. 日本と海外の作家の著書の読書が趣味のようですね。中級者や上級者でも読めるお勧めの小説はございますか?



Hello, nice to meet you. I am Yukiki.
I'm a Japanese teacher in México

 ☆I will talk about me.☆

●I live in México.
●qualification:Librarian / Secretary
●My major :library science/librarian
●Work in Japan: newspaper / cosmetics company (Store Manager)
●Work in Mexico: Japanese teacher

●reading:MORI Hiroshi/ Yoshimoto Banana/Roald Dahl /Paulo  Coelho/Saint-Exupéry
●Watching movies
●Anime:Japanese anime

☆Cafetalk lessons ☆
●My classes
conversation and grammar

●Japanese conversation lessons

For students interested in learning how to properly speak Japanese, we have specialized conversation lessons. The types of conversation we will practice may come from textbooks, real-life, or any other topic of interest of yours.

●Intensive Japanese grammar lessons 

In the regular course, we make use of the book “Minna no Nihongo”. However, for the intensive lessons, we will concentrate on the weak spots of each student. The main focus of the intensive lessons is how to read and write proper Japanese. Particularly, we will pay attention to the most commonly made mistakes by foreigners. 


 Japanese is a very unique language. Learning how to read and write can take some time. Nevertheless, with effort and practice you too may learn how to properly communicate with others in Japanese. Let’s spend some time together so you can achieve this goal!


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No-Show→ 100% of price charged.
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❀Just talk❀

25min 500P

Skype Lesson

Lets speak in Japanese.(without FB)

❀Just talk❀

25min 2,200P

Skype Lesson
Pack of 5 (440 Points per lesson)

Lets speak in Japanese.(without FB)

❀Just talk❀

50min 800P

Skype Lesson

Lets speak in Japanese.(without FB)

❀Just talk❀《5 times》

50min 3,500P

Skype Lesson
Pack of 5 (700 Points per lesson)

たくさんおはなし したい方のためのコースです。(FBなしのクラスです) リラックスしながら、おこのみの テーマで おはなしをしましょう(...

Pack of 10 (550 Points per lesson)

このクラスでは、日本語を正しく書く練習をします。 日本語が話せても、書くのが苦手な方に。(中級〜上級) *一度に400字まで受け付けま...

Your Classroom!

50min 1,200P

Skype Lesson

あなたの、きぼうに あわせて クラスを カスタマイズ します。 じぜんに、ごきぼうを おしえてください。

Your Classroom!《5times》

50min 5,000P

Skype Lesson
Pack of 5 (1,000 Points per lesson)

あなたの、きぼうに あわせて クラスを カスタマイズ します。 じぜんに、ごきぼうを おしえてください。

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