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Q: 『教える』ということに、興味を持ったきっかけはなんでしょうか?



Nice to meet you. Thank you for taking a look at my profile.
I was born and raised in Tokyo.
I studied law during college and now I work at a consulting firm as an HR and labor specialist. I give my clients advice on employment and labor laws.

I am also a board member of an IT company. I also did some work in the trade industry up until last year.

My career has given me many chances to interact with non-Japanese people, which inspired me to want to help people who want to work in Japan or love the Japanese language.

Right now, I teach Japanese to a class of about 10 people, twice a week.
I have been teaching Japanese for 5 years now and have taught over 300 students.

I’ve taught a wide variety of students ranging from 18 to 40 and from countries such as China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Nepal, and Indonesia. 

I am also a language learner and I study Chinese online. I have passed level 5 of the HSK.

The intermediate-advanced level is the toughest, isn’t it? That's how I feel after studying for 8 years.

You can’t pick up a language unless you truly have the motivation to study and the determination to do the same things over and over again. Though you are the one studying, I will do everything I can to help. Let’s work hard together.

I am the mother of a young child who is in elementary school.

My child has friends from other countries in his class.

They seem to be having a hard time making friends because Japanese is difficult.

Their moms seem worried too.

If you are a mother in a similar situation and you want to talk about school, life, kids, or anything, please let me help.

Please feel free to start by booking a trial. 

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