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Hi everybody,
Language passionate or not, I may have just what you need!

I am young and French, traveling around. Right now, I'm living in Germany where I'm working. I got graduated from a French university, I spent a year in Russia then another one in the UK and I came back to Russia for two years before moving here. I have two Bachelor's degree specializing in Russian and English translation and  a master's degree in Journalism.

I love languages, always been learning new ones. Right now, I'm focusing on German but I also have some basic knowledge in Chinese. And I speak quite fluently in Spanish. I am also learning, but only beginning, Arabian, Italian, sign language and... That's it I think. 

Because I'm learning a lot of languages, I don't have an institutional way of learning. I like to learn a language to be able to speak it very quickly, even if I'm learning from scratch. And that's my way of teaching! With me, you will quickly be able to express yourself, even if the grammar is sometimes important, but let's focus on the ability to speak with everybody, not reading Dostoievski or Molière.

And I guess that's it for my introduction if you want to get in touch with me, feel free!

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