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¡Hola! I’m Yuka M and I live in Grenada, Spain. Granada is home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Alhambra Palace. You can see the palace and (if the weather is nice) Sierra Nevada from San Nicolas Plaza in Albayzín. This is where I studied. I also lived in Barcelona, where I stayed with a Spanish family and learned how to cook directly from a professional chef. When I make food for my friends, they say I have skills!

If you are interested in learning Spanish, studying abroad in Spain (including learning flamenco abroad), or learning about the differences between standard Spanish, the Andalusian dialect, and the Spanish spoken by gypsies who live in Granada (?!) etc. I can show you how much fun it is to listen to it and speak it yourself. 
Let’s study together!

Since everyone has their own way of studying, I will adjust the lessons to your learning style after talking to you about your study habits.

If you are interested in Spanish cuisine, please try out my lessons!
Let me help you get some more recipes under your belt!

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初めての方で試しにスペイン語に触れてみたい方にお勧め!! アルファベットやあいさつetc教えるよ‼


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ここでは、文法教えるよ! 名詞から始めるよ! もちろん、レベルやご希望に合わせてレッスンしますよ‼


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ここでは、文法教えるよ! 名詞から始めるよ! もちろん、レベルやご希望に合わせてレッスンしますよ‼


見よう 聞こう 答えよう

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スペインの料理は日本人の口に合うのは知っていますよね! レシピを増やしたい方、料理が好きな方、料理にマンネリ化してうんざりしている方et...

折り紙を子供に教えたい方、趣味にしたい方など大歓迎!! ¡hola! ¿Hay alguien quiere aprender Papi...

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