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Hi ! I am Hasshii


Right now I am working for a research institution in Tokyo as an interpreter and also as a translator.  Before this job, I worked as a simultaneous interpreter and also as an English teacher in Japan for 5 years. Before that, from 1992 till 2002, I was in Los Angeles for 10 years and worked for a nonprofit organization named Interconnection Center as the director of the problem solution programs for the racial diversity.  Also at that time, I served as the Japanese Language teacher in the community service program for the local people for nearly 10 years.

From 1982 till 1989, I worked for the nonprofit organization in New Delhi, India. There I was working as the director of the problem solution programs for the religious conflicts. There also we used to have Japanese Language class for the people in India, and I served as a teacher for 7 years.

So if you are interested in learning Japanese Language, I can teach you from basic. Or those who want to brush up your proficiency in Japanese speaking, or want to improve your Japanese reading and writing ability, I can be the perfect teacher for that. I can teach you in English and also even in Hindi if you want.

If you are a Japanese and want to learn English, I can teach you from the basic level to the level of professional interpreter.

I can help you to improve your English proficiency by correcting your grammatical mistakes again and again till you become able to speak perfectly. And when you need a detailed explanation, I can explain you in Japanese till you understand completely.

Those who are interested, please contact me !

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プロの通訳が貴方に英語上達の極意を伝授致します。初心者レベル から 上級レベル まで貴方のレベルに合わせて御指導致します。当方、海外勤務歴...

プロの通訳・翻訳家である私が企画する「英検一級 合格レッスン」「プロが教える 英検準一級 合格の方法」「プロが教える 英検二級 合格の方法...

Pass the Eiken Grade 1

50min 2,000P

Skype Lesson

英検1級 合格を目指している人、或いは、その前に 英検準1級 からという人の為の必ず合格できるようになるレッスンです。英検合格の決め手は、...

プロの通訳・翻訳家が 英検準1級 合格の為に必要な語彙力・読解力・作文力・即答力を身につける秘訣を伝授致します。

プロの通訳・翻訳家が 英検2級 合格の為に必要な英語上達の為の秘訣を伝授致します。

これから、英検4級 又は 英検3級 又は 英検準2級 を受験されようと考えておられる方、必ず合格するように訓練を致します。お任せください。

Let's fix your broken English!

50min 1,800P

Skype Lesson



I have 17 years of experience in teaching Japanese Laguage. Just rece...

Let's speak Japanese !

25min 900P

Skype Lesson

I have 17 years of experience in teaching Japanese Laguage to America...

Japanese Laguage Advanced Course

50min 1,800P

Skype Lesson

Those who have already mastered the basic level Japanese but still wi...






English Conversation Free Trial

15min 0P

Skype Lesson


プロの通訳・翻訳家が貴方に英語上達の極意を伝授致します。中学生 ・ 高後生 の英会話・英作文・文法 指導までご本人のレベルに合わせてご指導...



25min 1,000P

Skype Lesson



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