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* At the moment I'm only accepting new students hoping to take English pronunciation lessons. This condition will end around Autumn 2019.

Hello! I’m a qualified Japanese teacher who also teaches basic English and English pronunciation. My lessons are all customisable, so please feel free to contact me:)

* English lessons are for students in pre-intermediate level or lower.
* English pronunciation lessons are basically for all level.

“Japanese Conversation Plus 5LP” was chosen as Autumn/Winter 2018 Grand Prize in Awesome Lesson Awards.
Thank you very much for voting for my lesson!

Teaching Experience

I’ve earned a teaching certificate in 2013 and worked as a teaching assistant at a Japanese language school in Tokyo. It was a brilliant experience as the students were from all over the world! By supporting teachers and students, I learnt a lot and had a wonderful time!
After that I started teaching Japanese and English at a cafe as my second job while working at an ICT company, then slowly shifted it into online from 2016.

Teaching Style

My lessons are flexible, friendly, relaxing and fun. Teaching is one of my passions and I try to make the lesson interesting and meaningful for each individual student.
I think I’m good at giving detailed explanations. I’m focusing more on a natural way of speaking than a “correct” way of speaking, but I can adjust the level of correction as you wish.
I basically use Japanese in lessons. If you wish, you could use English and get English explanations. In lessons for beginners of Japanese, I’ll basically use English.


As far as I remember, I’ve learnt English, German, French, Latin, Korean and Indonesian. The next one will be Chinese I guess.
My mother tongue is Japanese (Tokyo dialect). As for English I’ve learnt British English and the differences between American and British English. I also speak a bit of German. (Ich kann auch ein bisschen Deutsch.)
I don’t speak other languages unfortunately but learning languages interests me so much and I love to find the culture through the language.

Field of Study

I graduated from technical college related to animals, but now I study Japanese linguistics, Japanese culture, comparative culture, etc. These days I attend symposiums and lectures in the field of linguistics, phonetics and phonology to make use of the latest study for my lessons.


I’m now freelance, teaching languages and doing design related jobs at the same time.
Until 2017 I’d mostly worked as an information designer and proofreader, but since the company was tiny, there were many things to do and I even had to do things like coding and programming. I’ve also worked in the hospitality industry in Japan and overseas before.

Living Abroad

I’ve lived in Germany and Ireland for Working Holiday and language study. Living in Europe was very interesting because their culture was completely different from mine. I enjoyed the scenery, nature, architecture, lifestyles, food, beer, etc. as well as travelling around!
And after living abroad, I became more curious about my own culture. That’s one of the reasons I study Japanese things at the moment.


I like travelling, visiting museums, taking photos, hiking and going out with my friends. I'm interested in languages, culture, art, architecture, nature, animals, etc.

Thanks for reading my profile. If you got interested, please try one of my lessons:) I’m looking forward to meeting you soon!

* Please refrain from recording the lessons.
* In case you don’t prefer using video, lessons will be held only with audio.
* I'm afraid I’m not providing lessons for small children at the moment.

(January 2019)

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Let's get to know each other and plan how to improve your skills!

Relaxed Japanese Chat

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Let's chat in Japanese! Just relax and have fun:D

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Improve your reading ability, grammar knowledge, etc through fun conv...

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Improve your reading ability, grammar knowledge, etc through fun conv...

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カタカナで英語を発音していませんか? 1音ずつの練習から始めて、聞き取りやすいクリアな英語を身につけましょう!

Accent Reduction Lesson Short 5LP

25min 6,500P

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Pack of 5 (1,300 Points per lesson)

カタカナで英語を発音していませんか? 1音ずつの練習から始めて、聞き取りやすいクリアな英語を身につけましょう!


Pack of 5 (1,300 Points per lesson)



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Pack of 5 (2,000 Points per lesson)


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