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Nice to meet you.
I'm YU_M.
For 16 years, from the time I was two until high school, I attended a school for the deaf.
It was prohibited to use sign language at school, but we used it at home.
Currently, I teach students expressive skills including how to communicate with facial expressions.
Let’s work hard to learn together.

How is it different?
I'm interested in sign language
I'm not really interested but I want to give it a try
I know someone who is deaf so I want to learn sign language
I saw a sign language conversation and now I want to learn
I want to polish up my expressive skills
I want to broaden my imagination
This class is open to anyone who wants to give it a try!

Learn sign language with me!

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指文字から日常会話まで。 この学習は手話検定4・5級のレベルです。

Pack of 5 (2,000 Points per lesson)

手話検定対策コースです。基本から学び、日常生活のレベルまで学習します。 もちろん面接対策もします。

Pack of 5 (2,000 Points per lesson)


Pack of 5 (2,000 Points per lesson)


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