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Q: 今住んでいらっしゃる場所はどんなところかご紹介お願いします。



Hello! My name is Choi Young Hee from Seoul Korea. I live in Seoul during all my life.

I've got Phd. of Korean traditional literature 2003, and after that time I've been teaching students university.

I am very kind and patience for students.

My hobby is writing Korean calligraphy. My group have many exhibition in Korea, China and Japan.

There are many international students with me. I've been Moldova ULIM uni. and teaching Korean there. And Azerbaijan Baku 2 years, as a guest professor, I had taught there Korean language and literature. There are so many students in Seoul also.

I hope to teach here with internet and want to make my students. One who want my students, contact me. I'll help you my best I do.

Thanks a lot!!

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