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Nice to meet you!
My name is Haci and I have been living in Italy for 17 years now. 

I first went to Italy in 1998 to study music. I graduated from two music academies and have been active in music from the time I was a student until now. I also have experience with music related translation and translating lyrics into modern Italian. I spent my first three years here in Milan, and after that I moved to the suburbs, where I still live now.

So, what has as big of a place in my heart as music? The Italian language!

Of course, it's true that the two can’t be separated, but one must study the language continuously in order to use it in real life situations. The amount of time you live in Italy has absolutely no affect on how well you know and speak Italian.

Even if you live in Italy, unless you keep working on your Italian, there’s a chance that you might start losing your skills.

That’s why I recommend Italian learners to

speak as much Italian as you can. Read as much Italian as you can.

Looking back on my own process of studying Italian, I realized just how important coming into direct contact with the language is. If you don’t have many chances to use Italian, I will help you spend as much time as possible with the language so that you have fun while mastering it.

Because I live in Italy and constantly interact with locals, I can teach you real Italian in a fun way during our lessons.

My lessons are great for absolute beginners, people who have studied textbooks cover to cover and still can’t speak, people who have trouble reading, or struggle with writing, or people who simply do not have enough chances to speak Italian. There’s no need to worry! Let me help you^^

After graduating from Osaka College of Music as a composition major in the music theory track, I completed my masters at Toho Gakuen School of Music. After that, I moved to Italy and attended the Accademia Internazionale della Musica in Milan (now known as Civica Scuola di Musica Claudio Abbado) and Conservatorio di Milano (Giuseppe Verdi) graduating with honors at the top of my class. I directed research on 17th century Italian’s influence on musical performances. I also read into 16th and 17th century practice books (so hard!!)
I have a C2 (the highest level) in CILS, the Certification of Italian as a Foreign Language.

Horticulture (none of that “gardening” stuff), jogging, reading, wine (just drinking it…I don’t know much about the taste), going to art museums.


① My lessons are for absolute beginners, beginners, and intermediate level (B2) students.
② We will be using both Italian and Japanese during the lessons.
③ I will send you all of the material you need for class.
④ I can correct your written work
⑤ Just relax and have fun〜♫

Translation: 7/2015 - The Cafetalk Team

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