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Q: 先生について教えてください。韓国のどの辺りにお住まいですか?街の様子など聞かせてください。



Hello everyone! Nice to meet you^^

I’m Doori Na and I majored in Japanese at a university in Korea.
I have liked Japanese dramas and variety shows since high school and I naturally developed an interest in Japan as I had enjoyed watching them.

Other than that, I’ve also studied English of course, as well as German and French.
Studying foreign languages was difficult at times, but I worked very hard to conquer those difficulties.
It helped me learn so much.
I would like to share the knowledge I cultivated as I learned the language of various countries.
I would love you help resolve your study issues, epecially if you’re a Korean learner!

Whether you just started learning Korean, or have already been studying for a while and just want to brush up, I’m looking forward to hearing from you!
Let's use our eyes and ears to study in the most effective way.
If this is your first lesson with me, please tell me what you’d like to study.

I love meeting lots of new people and exchanging ideas with them.
That’s why I am sincerely excited for our lessons!
I promise it will feel just like you’re studying Korean with a Korean friend!

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