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Q: 現在、アメリカのミシガン州にお住まいとのことですが、ミシガン州や住んでいる街について教えてください。どんなところですか?



Hello! I'm Yumi, and I teach English and ASL (American Sign Language) - my lessons focus mainly on English conversation, pronunciation, , ASL, and baby signs.

I've lived in the US for more than half of my life, so I consider myself to be "almost native" in pronunciation, grammar, and cultural understanding.

I came to America as an exchange student in my senior year in high school.
Although the exchange program lasted only a year, I decided to stay a while longer to study English further and ended up going to college, starting a carrier, getting married, and having a child here in the states. It's been 21 years.

In college, I majored in Signed Language Interpreting, and minored in Japanese pedagogy. While in school, I tutored Japanese at a tutoring organization on campus and taught Japanese classes as a student assistant. After finishing my degree, I worked at the same college as an ASL instructor and as a sign language interpreter. I have also taught private lessons on all 3 languages, and have taught at Kumon school in Japan (Japanese, math, and English) while I visited home.

Please visit my colum "Hajimemashite!" for further profile and a bit more about me.

I am currently a stay-at-home mom, trying to raise my daughter to be a trilingual.

I truly love teaching.
Hope to see you soon!

□■□■□■□My English Lessons □■□■□■□

My English lessons only target Japanese students since my curriculum follows the guidelines suggested by the Ministry of Education in Japan.

□■□■□■□My ASL Lessons □■□■□■□

My ASL classse are offered to ALL students - anyone interested! Lessons can be provided in Japanese and/or English, however you prefer it (if you want them mixed, I can!). Please let me know your language preference on the first day of the lesson.

□■□■□■□I support moms □■□■□■□

This is a new trend on Cafetalk.

I am a mom of a 5 year-old, and fully understand how hard it can be to simply talk on the phone or to go out when you have children.

If you are putting yourself off from taking lessons, please know I am a "Mom Supporter".

If you have to leave in the middle of the lesson, or if your princes and princesses pop up in front of the camera, I DON'T MIND IT!

I will provide a discount coupon for the next lesson if you have to terminate the lesson early.

□■□■□■□My Facebook □■□■□■□

I opened a Facebook account specific to my Cafetalk status.
On my Tutor Colums, I usually talk about English and my life in MI, but this FB page will be more about my day to day life.
My posts are both in English and Japanese, so if you have a Facebook account, come visit me and hit "like"!


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Counseling and assesment

50min 1,500P

Skype Lesson

新規で英文法・英会話レッスンをご希望の方は、まずこちらをご受講下さい。 簡単なカウンセリング、英語力を確認するアセスメントを行って、そこか...

アメリカ生活 悩み相談室

50min 1,300P

Skype Lesson



50min 2,700P

Skype Lesson

中学校で習う文法を使って英会話をしてみましょう。 文法を1つ1つ紐解くガッツリ文法の勉強から、フリートークやロールプレイまで。 生徒さんお...

中学英語で英会話 (25分)

25min 1,700P

Skype Lesson

中学校で習う文法を使って英会話をしてみましょう。 文法を1つ1つ紐解くガッツリ文法の勉強から、フリートークやロールプレイまで。 生徒さんお...

『文法そっちのけ!楽しく英会話』シリーズの30分レッスンです。 「文法は苦手だけれど、とにかく英会話を楽しみたい!」 「細かいことを気にせ...

『文法そっちのけ!楽しく英会話』シリーズの50分レッスンです。 「とにかく英会話を楽しみたい!」 「細かいことを気にせず、英語を使うことに...

『文法そっちのけ!楽しく英会話』シリーズの80分レッスンです。「文法は苦手だけれど、とにかく英会話を楽しみたい!」 「細かいことを気にせず...

Pack of 10 (1,200 Points per lesson)


ASL アメリカ手話

50min 3,000P

Skype Lesson

ASL is a language with its own grammar and linguistics. Let's learn t...

ASL アメリカ手話 (25分)

25min 1,800P

Skype Lesson

ASL is a language with its own grammar and linguistics. Let's learn ...

Baby Sign ベビーサイン

25min 1,500P

Skype Lesson

言語を話す前の赤ちゃん、実は手話を使ってずっと早い時期からコミュニケーションをとることができるんです! ベビーサインで子育てをより楽しいも...

「英語で文通してみたい!でも通じるかな・・・?」 そんな不安を抱えていらっしゃる方、英語が話せる日本人との文通はいかがでしょう? 「海外の...

Pack of 10 (1,000 Points per lesson)

~定員に達したため、現在新規の生徒さんは受け付けていません~  作文力、文の構成力アップに英語で日記を書いてみませんか? 今日あった出来...

教えて!Q&A Skypeあり

15min 500P

Skype Lesson


「英語で○○は何て言うの?」「◇◇を実際の文ではどう使うの?」「アメリカでは□□するって本当?」「アメリカの△△はどんなイベントなの?」 ...

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Yumi W.

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