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Hello everyone! My name is Rhys and I am from Canada. Thank you for taking the time to look at my profile! 

A little bit about me...

I was born and raised in a small city about an hour away from Vancouver, British Columbia. I recently completed my university degree at the University of British Columbia with a major in Japanese Language and Culture. I also spent 1 year learning Japanese abroad in Osaka.

I love to learn new languages (I have been learning Japanese for over 9 years and Mandarin for over 4 years) and meet people from new cultures. I also love to play chess, games, watch dramas and learn card magic.

What will I be teaching?

  • English: I have several years experience helping students learn English as a volunteer, assistant and a teacher. At my previous job, I ran an English conversation class (eikaiwa) for Japanese students while also doing 1-on-1 tutoring. While I was in Japan, I volunteered as a helper teaching 3 and 4 year olds English, and did 1-on-1 home tutoring. And lastly, at my summer job, I worked as an ESL classroom assistant for Japanese students visiting Canada. 
  • Chess: I have been playing chess since I was about 8 years old. I also played in my middle school, high school and university chess club. I frequently play chess online and have taught many newbies how to play the game. 

What are my lessons like?

Enjoyable, interesting and so fun that time will fly by! I am a very patient and passionate teacher who takes his job very seriously and treats his students with respect. 

I offer English lessons to students of all levels. My specialty and focus is on speaking, listening, pronunciation and reading. I also offer offline lessons for translation, proofreading, recording and transcribing. I am constantly adding new lessons for all levels. I welcome all suggestions, and criticisms for my current lessons. I wholeheartedly welcome ideas for new lessons too! 

I am passionate about teaching chess, and I offer lessons for newbies, beginners and lower-intermediate level students. My lessons start from the very beginning and build off of one another, gradually getting more and more complex. I offer my chess lessons in both English and Japanese. 

In conclusion... 

Thank you again for taking the time to read my introduction. I hope that you will consider taking one of my lessons; I know that it will be a most enjoyable experience for you!

Looking forward to meeting you!

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