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Hello! My name is Nick and I was born in Argentina. I´ve been teaching all ages for more than 5 years now as well as preparing students for several examinations. What I love about teaching is how we can pass knowledge to another person, I think is fascinating and I enjoy doing it.
I like spending time watching films and series, I can surely recommend you a couple to help you practice your Listening skills. I love drinking coffee and painting. I also like listening to music, I believe I can't have a day without it. I've been travelling since I was a child and I keep doing it as much as I can. I love meeting new people and learning about different cultures.
My classes are very dynamic and fun, I love laughing and I try to make my students feel comfortable enough to be able to learn and work all the skills needed in every lesson. I work a lot with fluency and pronunciation so be sure that I will be here to help you accomplish your English goals.

I feel very excited about working as your teacher!

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