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Hello! Nice to meet you!
I have a licensed interpreter guide and have been teaching English for 20 years.
I was born in Kyoto.
I study teaching Japanese.
Please talk to me in Japanese.
If you don't understand I explain in English, So don't hesitate!
I teach not only Japanese language, but also a lot of things about Japan.
I look forward to meeting you in my class!

Is Skype really effective?

You must be suspicious.

For me Skype is like this.

My foreign friends come to my room everyday.

I enjoy chatting with them.

In a while, Oh, I can speak foreign language!!

Finally I can take a license of interpreter guide.

In fact I have experienced taking the exam of USCPA.

I can talk with you about world economy, business Japanse with the articles of News of the Internet.

If you are not good at studying, don't worry.

I am a experienced teacher for 20 years.

I am very patient.

If you love studying, you will be never tired of my class.

I am looking forward to seeing you in my class.

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