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Do you like to travel?
Do you like to chat with the foreigners?
Do you want to work for an international corporation?
Do you enjoy watching foreign TV sitcoms?
Are you preparing for English proficiency tests?
Are you preparing for English interviews? 

If you have interests in all of the above or even just one, we will be a good fit!
I speak fluent English and Chinese! But don't worry, if you need some help using Japanese during the class, I can also speak a little bit of Japanese. 

Teaching Background 
I have five years of teaching experiences. Traveling and teaching combined always motivates me to dive deeper into the teaching field. My students came from Japan, Poland, Korea, Saudi Arabia, China, Taiwan, Mexico, and the U.S.A. I work both with individual students and group learners. Indeed, teaching methods and materials alternate when meeting new students. 

Teaching Style 
I usually start off the lesson with a casual chat. You are welcomed to talk about anything at the beginning of the lesson. To be more cohesive, I would always try to lead the topic toward our teaching focus of the day. We will learn new vocabularies in each session, and students are expected to review those words using the worksheet I made. Fun activities and games are often involved during each session. You are always welcomed to make modifications to the class. Let's learn and improve together!

More About Me 
My interests are music, sports traveling and fitness training.Besides working, I like to travel alone and the next stop is Africa! stop by and have a chat with me!

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50min 2,500P

Skype Lesson

Do you like to watch English sitcoms? Do you like to listen to Ed Sh...

Pack of 4 (2,500 Points per lesson)

Are you preparing for Eiken? Are you taking TOEFL IELTS or TOEIC?


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Let's practice Chinese conversation together!

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英語を習いたいが 時間が少ない? 毎日中国語の日記を書きましょう!

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Writing is a wonderful way to improve your English! Let's write every...

Pack of 4 (2,500 Points per lesson)

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Free Class in English speaking

15min 0P

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The best way to learn a language is to speak it!

Speaking and Listening training with maximum pronunciation correction...


30min 1,000P

Skype Lesson

中国語会話 中国語の発音チェック


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