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Hi! I am Yukina Kita, a jazz vocalist in Japan!

Do you have any struggles when you use your voice? Is it difficult for you to hit high notes or to speak up? Those problems can be improved once you take my voice lesson!

I can teach you how to use your posture and body, in order for you to use your voice more effectively!!

I teach from beginners to professional vocalists, no matter how old my students are.
Let’s sing or speak with fun, just like as you wish!!

Talking about my time slots, I can adjust my schedule to make my weekends and weekday nights available for our lesson. So please feel free to send me a message.

I am looking forward to meeting you! ♪ 

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現役でステージで活動しているプロシンガーが声を楽に出す方法をレッスンします♪ 基本の発声から歌の練習まで楽しく歌いましょう!

現役プロシンガーが教えるヴォーカルレッスン♪ なんとなく上手に歌えてきた気はするけれど、もう少しうまくなりたい!という方にオススメです♪...



ジャズやってみたい・・・でも難しい・・・そんな風に考えてませんか? 現役プロジャズシンガーが初めてのジャズをレッスンします♪

話してるときに声が通らない、人前で話すのに声が小さい、人前で話すと声がガラガラになるetc そんな人たちに現役プロシンガーが声の出し方を教...

Let's sing Japanese songs and learn pronunciation and meaning of Japa...


Pack of 6 (3,667 Points per lesson)


Pack of 6 (3,667 Points per lesson)


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Yukina Kita

Yukina Kita

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