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Hi! Welcome!

About me.

My name is Carlene. I'm from Barbados in the Caribbean. I am a native English speaker. I lived in Japan for 6 years and now I live in Barbados. I love traveling, I have traveled to 17 countries so far. I also enjoy meeting and talking to new people, singing Karoakoe and playing sports. 

My Teaching Background.

I've been teaching English for 7 years. I have taught students from many countries for example, Japan, China, Thailand, France, Switzerland, Brazil, Colombia etc. I have taught young kids, high school students and adults. I have taught students of all English language levels.

My Teaching Style

I want my students to relax and enjoy speaking in English. I make my lessons interesting for students by talking with them about things they are interested in learning. If you have a problem or make mistakes I will correct your mistakes and explain how to use more natural and native ways to say what you want. 

Let's enjoy speaking in English!

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English conversation with a native speaker

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English conversation with a native speaker

Pronunciation Practice (25 minutes)

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Improve saying difficult English Sounds

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Practice giving English speeches!

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Carlene C.

Carlene C.

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