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Everyone wants to be able to speak both polite business conversation and casual conversation quickly. Of course, also want to understand comics and animation.
Therefore, my teaching method is slightly different from "

A Japanese word  will be conjugated differently depending on the situation. For example, "I go." is said "ikimasu", "iku", "ikundesu", and so on.  Is it difficult? It will be OK, it will surely become clear.  
Japanese is a very systematic language.

In my lesson, you will enjoy learning the system and increasing vocabulary more and more.

Who study Japanese for the first timewho want to skill well soon,  who love Japanese animation and mangalet's study together!

[About me...]

  • I am qualified to teach Japanese.
  • I am teaching with people from various countries in an online classroom and a classroom for foreigners working in Japan.  We also offer company training.
  • I did layout design of a book at a translation service company,  was doing import/export business and secretarial work at a foreign-affiliated company, and did various other work, so I can teach the Japanese you need.
  • Teaching of JLPT is also possible.
  • I love animation and manga. I wanted to be a voice actor. I also have lessons about animation and manga!
  • Recommended for beginners, professional consciousness is high, easy to do, firmly for studying, teaching materials are fulfilling, contents are fulfilling, follow-up after lessons is fulfilling, easy to talk, enthusiasm, will meet the level

See you soon!

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